Winter Special is available from 1st of June to 31st of August for patients aged above 60. New patients welcome!

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Pricing Structure

Read below to find out about our pricing structure. There are differences in pricing depending on your age, if you're a new patient or returning patient and what you need.


Skin cancer screening at Molescreen Australia includes a comprehensive skin cancer and general medical history and thorough full body examination for skin lesions. In most cases, we take photographs of suspicious skin lesions and the doctor will discuss these images with you, explaining features of interest and what changes to look for.

Typically, a first Molescreen consultation takes approximately 30 minutes in total. Our pricing schedule reflects the comprehensive and specialised nature of this consultation and the equipment used. Later visits, for follow-up photos and annual check-ups, are usually quicker and as such are significantly cheaper.

Pricing schedule

Medicare will pay a rebate toward consultations and procedures but not specialised skin lesion/melanoma screening photographs. Some private health insurers will cover the cost of this photography.


New patient consultation and full body check with photography of skin lesions


New patient consultation and full body check with no photography


Existing patient consultations and full body check; with photography of skin lesions


Existing patient consultations and full body check; without photography of skin lesions


Follow-up photography of skin lesions with consultation and no full body check

Varies between $80 – $130

New patient consultation and examination/assessment of a single spot


Follow-up visits for patients requiring review of melanoma

A discounted fee applies for all consultations, examinations and follow-up photography.

Excision and biopsy procedures

Biopsy and excision fees varies as it depends on the length and type of procedure.

Total body mapping photography

$110 per session. Some private health insurance policies will cover this fee

(In some cases we can perfom total body mapping at the request of your own doctor or dermatologist without a medical consultation by a Molescreen doctor. The fee for this service is $300. Molescreen accepts no responsibility for the interpretation of photographs or management of skin lesions photographed in this situation)


Cryotherapy of laboratory-confirmed skin cancers or ten or more solar keratoses is covered by Medicare. There may be a $20 fee for cryotherapy of skin lesions for cosmetic or elective purposes.


All pathology tests are bulk billed

Missed appointment fee

Patients may be liable for a $50 fee for failure to attend appointments without giving sufficient notice.

Reports and medical records

If you request a report for insurance or a copy of your medical records and/or clinical photographs, an administrative fee will apply. This fee is based on the complexity and amount of labour and administration involved.


Pensioners and Health Care Card Holders

For most services, there is a discount of $40-$50 for pensioners and health care card holders. This excludes cosmetic treatments and total body mapping photography.


Discounts apply to children under 18. In most cases, the out of pocket expense is approximately half the amount normally charged for an adult.

Medicare rebates and claiming

Medicare will pay a contribution to the cost of all medical consultations at Molescreen. This amount varies according to the length and complexity of the consultation, how much the patient has already spent on health care in the current calendar year, procedures performed during the consultation, and other factors.

We cannot always predict the amount of the rebate before your consultation: It can vary from $21 to $105 or more.

Using the Medicare EasyClaim system, we can process your claim electronically on the spot. Your rebate will be deposited into your nominated bank account with Medicare.

EasyClaim is not available if you intend to claim the service with your private health insurer.

Your Medicare payment is an arrangement between you and the Department of Health. If you feel that the amount is inadequate, we suggest you contact your Member of Parliament.

Private health insurance

Some private health insurance companies cover skin cancer screening and photography in their extras packages.

Please let our receptionist know if your policy covers skin cancer screening so that we can provide the necessary paperwork for your claim.

Winter Special

From 1st June – 31st August, pricing for patients aged 60 and over is substantially reduced.

Conditions apply:

  • Discount pricing applies to one full body examination by a doctor and one consultation for follow-up photography of atypical skin lesions. Further consultations will be charged at the standard rate as advertised on our website at
  • Winter Special pricing is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 3:4o pm. Standard pricing applies for consultations on Saturdays and after 3:40 pm on week days.
  • Winter Special dates will not be extended beyond 31 of August for a screening consultation and 31 December for follow-up appointments.

For more information, feel free to call our friendly reception staff.